How is DentaSOAK different from other cleansers?

Most popular cleansers just remove surface debris. DentaSOAK not only cleans, it destroys more than 99% of infection-causing bacteria. It's clinically proven to destroy candida albicans and other oral microbes. Denture cleansers can bleach the color right out of appliances and dentures. Some can even damage and weaken acrylic. DentaSOAK won't discolor or harm retainers, appliances, or dentures.

What are candida albicans and how can I prevent oral candidiasis?

Candida albicans are a yeast fungus that most commonly causes oral candidiasis (thrush), an infection of the mouth and throat (oral cavity). Individuals at risk for oral candidiasis are denture and retainer wearers. Oral candidiasis usually causes white patches in the mouth and on the tongue. With proper use, DentaSOAK can help prevent oral candidiasis by destroying more than 99% of infection-causing bacteria, including candida albicans and other oral microbes.

Does DentaSOAK contain persulfates, a known allergen?

No, DentaSOAK does NOT contain persulfates. Persulfates, a known allergen, are used in most denture cleansers to bleach and clean the dentures. In a public health notification of February 2008, the FDA noted that it had received at least 73 reports of adverse events, including at least one death, related to the use of denture cleansers containing persulfates.

Why should I use DentaSOAK to clean my mouthguard?

A study conducted by Oklahoma State University found that mouthguards used regularly are highly contaminated with bacteria and microorganisms from staph to strep to pneumococci. The results of the study, published by General Dentistry, show that many athletes are exposing themselves to high levels of bacteria each time they use the mouthguard and left untreated, the bacteria multiplies and exposes the athlete to a serious infection risk. Used properly, DentaSOAK not only cleans, it destroys more than 99% of infection-causing bacteria. DentaSOAK will keep the mouthguard free from the bacteria and oral microbes that can cause serious infections.

Can my child use DentaSOAK to clean a retainer safely?

Yes, DentaSOAK is non-toxic and does not contain alcohol or persulfates. It's easy to prepare and works in 15 minutes.(Go to Preparation) DentaSOAK is ideal to clean and disinfect retainers, mouthguards, and appliances.

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