DentaSPRAY ELIMINATES 99.9% of Infection-causing bacteria

Spearmint Flavor

DentaSPRAY is the quickest, safest cleaner for removable appliances!

Harmful bacteria and plaque accumulate on the surface of your removable appliance or device; causing bad taste, smell, and discomfort. DentaSPRAY eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without requiring washing or rinsing. Just spray, wait 60 seconds, and re-insert your appliance.

A powerful antibacterial cleaner for retainers, dentures, clear aligners, mouthguards, nightguards, and other removable appliances, DentaSPRAY requires no rinsing or scrubbing for on-the-go convenience. This refreshing mint, peroxide-free formula contains no sugar, alcohol, or artificial ingredients.  


Spray the appliance or device as often as desired to eliminate bacteria, odors, or bad taste.

  1. Thoroughly spray all sides of the appliance or device.
  2. Wait 1 minute and re-insert into the mouth or place in a storage case. No rinsing necessary. 

Use the product only as directed. Will not damage retainers or stain clear retainers or aligners. Store product in a clean, dry place. Use as often as needed.