Professional dental cleaning for: Retainers, Dentrues, Mouthgaurds, Appliances

DentaSOAK Product Information

» POWERFUL: DentaSOAK kills harmful bacteria

DentaSOAK disinfectant and cleanser kills more than 99% of bacteria – in just 15 minutes. In fact, it’s clinically proven to destroy stubborn candida albicans and other oral microbes. Retainers, dentures, and mouthguards are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. And, if not destroyed, this bacteria can lead to painful, recurring oral infection.

» SAFE:  DentaSOAK is non-toxic, alcohol-free, and persulfate-free

DentaSOAK makes harsh denture cleansers a thing of the past. Denture cleansers can bleach the color right out of appliances and dentures. Some can even damage and weaken acrylic. Not DentaSOAK. DentaSOAK won’t discolor or harm retainers, dentures, or mouthguards but it’s effective on tough bacteria and debris. DentaSOAK is safe to use around children and pets and it does not contain persulfates, a known allergen.

» EFFECTIVE: DentaSOAK outperforms the leading cleanser

DentaSOAK is more effective than the leading appliance and denture cleanser. Most popular cleansers just remove surface debris. DentaSOAK not only cleans, it destroys infection–causing bacteria.  It’s fast-acting and easy to use. The packets are pre-measured for weekly use and convenient for storage and travel.



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1 Month Supply (4 liquid/4 powder packets)
Mixing Cup
Mouthguard/Retainer Case with Key Ring
Mesh Drawstring Bag


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DentaSOAK is now available in Refill Kits.
Each 3-month kit includes 13 liquid and 13 powder packets. No appliance cup is included.


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DentaSOAK comes in convenient, single-use packets-pre-measured for weekly use. Each 3-month kit includes an appliance/denture cup with a removable tray, 13 liquid concentrate packets, and 13 powder concentrate packets.


The appliance cup serves as both the mixing container and storage unit.

  1. With the appliance tray placed in the appliance cup, fill the appliance cup with cold tap water to the top edge of the tray.
  2. Add one liquid concentrate packet. Close the lid and shake for about 10 seconds.
  3. Add one powder concentrate packet. Close the lid and shake for about 15 seconds.
Your weekly supply is ready to use.

Disinfection and cleaning:

  1. Place the appliance or dentures in the tray (already submerged in the cup).
  2. Completely immerse the appliance or dentures in the DentaSOAK solution. DentaSOAK is completely effective after 15 minutes.
  3. A soft bristle brush may be used to gently remove debris or build-up.

The solution in the appliance cup can be reused for one week before replacing. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

Clinical testing has proven DentaSOAK to effectively reduce the number of recoverable (Baseline Control) oral flora from an appliance by a minimum of 99%. To achieve the aforementioned efficacy, DentaSOAK directions must be adhered to.

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