DentaSOAK® Try-Me Kit

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The Try-Me Kit is the PERFECT way to get started with DentaSOAK!

DentaSOAK KILLS more than 99% of infection-causing bacteria

Disinfectant and cleanser for retainers, dentures, mouthguards, and appliances. Will not damage acrylic like other cleaners, and keeps denture relines soft. DentaSoak is clinically proven to kill more than 99% of oral microbes including resistant candida albicans. Infection and reinfection of soft tissue is dramatically reduced.

  • Non-toxic, alcohol free, and persulfate free
  • Pre-measured for easy weekly use

Included in Package:

  • (4) Liquid packets
  • (4) Powder packets
  • (1) Mixing cup
  • (1) Mouthguard/Retainer case with key ring
  • (1) Mesh drawstring bag
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